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Building Contractor & Safety Awards —

Building Contractor Awards —

Schering Plough Corporation
  • General Contractor of the Year Award — 1992
Subcontractor’s Association of New Jersey
  • General Contractor of the Year Award — 1999
Schering Corporation - Contractor of the Year 1992


Company Safety —

Safety is first and foremost at WILLARD DUNHAM CONSTRUCTION. We have an Excellent Safety Record which has resulted in a low EMR. Our Foremen and Project Managers are 30 hour OSHA Trained. We have an extensive and thorough Health and Safety Program that is reviewed monthly at meetings and is supplemented by training films.


Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey (ACCNJ)
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2018
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2017
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2016
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2015
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2014
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2013

Building Contractors Association of New Jersey (BCANJ)
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1999
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1998
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1997
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1996
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1995
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1994
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1993
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1992
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1991
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1990
  • Safety Excellence Award — 1989
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2012
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2010
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2009
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2008
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2007
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2006
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2004
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2003
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2001
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 2000
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 1999
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 1998
  • Zero Lost Workday Award — 1997

Building Contractors Association of New Jersey - Celebrating 70 Years

Motiva — Sewaren Terminal
  • Sewaren’s Safety Program Award — 1996


(South Plainfield, August 22, 2007) Willard Dunham Construction Company received the South Plainfield Clean Business Association’s Glitter Award. Thomas D. Dunham, Jr. and his cousin Clifford A. Dunham, Jr. accepted the award from CBA President Joseph Diegnan on Wednesday at their Tyler Place business.

The contracting company was celebrating its 70th year, having been founded in 1937 by Willard Dunham in Fords. His grandsons were forced to relocate from Woodbridge when their land was condemned for a road–widening project. Mr. Dunham said they were very happy to have found this piece of land in the Borough, and to have the South Plainfield Planning Board approve their application two years ago. They spent half a year renovating the property, which is now the stand–out parcel on Tyler Place.

The attractive landscaping is maintained by The Valluzzi Group, but everyone in the company takes a hand in keeping the yard and grounds neat and orderly. Tyler Place carries heavy traffic and draws an unusual amount of litter, so they often find themselves bending over to pick up a stray soda can or water bottle. Mr. Dunham noted that their equipment and supplies have to be kept organized so that they can mobilize rapidly for the large construction jobs they specialize in. As a result, the passerby must look twice to believe this is a contractor’s yard.

The Dunhams said they have always thought of South Plainfield as a special place. They said they were happy the Borough has welcomed them and recognized the pride they take in their business.

The Clean Business Association gives Glitter Awards to South Plainfield businesses that are unusually well–maintained or have recently improved their appearance through renovation or landscaping. Membership in the CBA is open to all businesses that share its goal of enhancing the appearance of commercial districts through property maintenance and litter control.

For more information, contact the Clean Communities Coordinator at 908 226 7621.

American Subcontractors Association of New Jersey - General Contractor of the Year 1999

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